Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy blanks Hockey Rajasthan 17-0

Ranchi, May 25, 2015: The ongoing 5th Hockey India Sub Junior Women National Championship 2015 (A Division) being played at Ranchi, Jharkhand witnessed four exciting clashes between eight teams today.
Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy started the day with a win against Hockey Rajasthan and beat them 17-0. The second match between Hockey Punjab and Hockey Maharashtra proved to be fruitful for Hockey Punjab as they defeated Hockey Maharashtra 5-0. The third match saw hockey Jharkhand taking over Bengal Hockey Association by 19-0. This was followed by the fourth match which went in favour of Sports Authority of India who trounced Uttar Pradesh Hockey 4-3.

The first match of the day between Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy and Hockey Rajasthan concluded in favour of Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy who beat Hockey Rajasthan with an interesting goal margin of 17-0. The very first minute of the match saw Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy score the first goal of the match coming from the stick of Upasana Singh. Just four minutes after the first goal, Neeraj Rana notched a second field goal in the fifth minute to increase the lead to 2-0.

 The ninth minute saw an effectively converted penalty stroke by Ishika Chaudhary which was followed by a chain of 5 excellent goals by Suman Devi Thoudam which took the lead to 9-0 in support Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy.

 In the 35th minute Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy’s Sadhana Sengar landed the ball into the nets and added the tenth goal for her team. By the end of the first half, the scorecard read 10-0 in favour of Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy. After the change of the ends, Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy kept on its scoring spree and bagged 7 more goals to take the winning lead to 17-0.

Hockey Punjab in their match against Hockey Maharashtra showcased a very confident game as they successfully dominated and did not allow the opponents a single opportunity to score. The intention of the team was made clear in the very 1st minute when Amrinder Kaur found the nets through a field effort. 

Amrinder Kaur, keeping the momentum of attack from her end was seen in action at the D and in the 12th minute she yet again successfully broke the defence shackles to score the second goal for her team. This helped her team to have a 2-0 lead on the game at the end of first half. Looking at strengthening their stand, Hockey Punjab added another goal to the tally in the 57th minute as a penalty corner was converted by Reet. The team scored two more goals in the 60th and 64th minute before registering the game in their favour by 5-0.

Hockey Jharkhand registered a thumping victory over Bengal Hockey Association today by 19-0. Sangita Kumari’s mammoth nine goals along with braces by Sushma Kumari, Albela Rani and Pinki Ekka helped in reaching this massive score line. Taking early lead over the opponents, Sangita Kumari’s field goals in the 1st and 11th min, for Hockey Jharkhand took the scorecard to 2-0. 

Following their team mate, Alka Dungdung and Salima Tete scored in the 12th and 13th minute giving a further lead to the team. Within two minutes, Hockey Jharkhand did it again as Sangita Kumari dribbled past the defence and scored a straight field goal further strengthening the team’s hold on the game. Hockey Jharkhand dominating the match added two more goals to their kitty, thanks to the support by Albela Rani in the 17th and 23rd minute. 

 Sangita Kumari further helped strengthen Hockey Jharkhand’s stand by adding five goals to the tally in the 18th, 19th, 20th, 27th and 30th minute respectively. Bengal Hockey Association deployed all its tactics to open its account but failed to penetrate the superior line of defence of Hockey Jharkhand. Hockey Jharkhand’s Pinki Ekka and Sushma Kumari’s goals in 41st, 50th, 51st and 64th minute along with skipper Simta Mins goal in the 48th minute increased the lead to 17-0. Before the final whistle, Hockey Jharkhand added two more goals to the tally beating Bengal Hockey Association by 19-0.

In another match it was a close contest between Sports Authority of India and Uttar Pradesh Hockey where the former edged past the latter with a narrow margin of 4-3. The match proved to be an intense clash as both the teams came all attacking and showcased a fast paced game. It was Sports Authority of India who managed to open its account in the seventh minute of the game through Anu. In search of an equaliser, Sonal Tiwari of Uttar Pradesh Hockey struck a beautiful field goal in the 20th minute to level the scores at 1-1. But the equaliser was short-lived as Sports Authority of India came back in full throttle and notched a 22nd and 32nd minute field goal by Kavita and Rajni respectively to take the scores to 3-1. 

Hema Navait of Uttar Pradesh Hockey slammed the nets in the 40th minute reducing the margin by 2-3, shortly it was very capably answered by Sunita the captain who scored for Sports Authority of India, taking the scores to 2-4. In the 60th minute Sonal Tiwari scored again for Uttar Pradesh Hockey but it was too late as Sports Authority of India won the game 4-3.

Results of the day-

Pool A Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy 17 Upasana Singh (1min- FG, 48min- FG, 59min- FG)  Neeraj Rana (5min- FG), Ishika Chaudhary (9min- PS, 39min- PS), Suman Devi Thoudam (14min- FG, 16min- FG, 21min-FG, 32min-PC, 34min-PC, 52min-PC), Meena Chakre (28min- FG), Sadhana Sengar (35min- FG, 37min-FG), Yogita Verma (41min-FG), Seema Verma (43min-PC)
Pool A Hockey Punjab 5 Amrinder Kaur (1min-FG, 12 min-FG, 60 min-FG), Reet (57 min-PC, 64 min-PC) vs Hockey Maharashtra 0

Pool B – Hockey Jharkhand 19 Sangita Kumari (1 min-FG, 11 min-FG, 15 min-FG, 18 min-FG, 19 min-FG, 20 min-FG, 27 min-FG, 30 min-FG, 67 min-FG), Alka Dungdung (12 min-FG), Salima Tete (13 min-FG), Albela Rani (17 min-FG, 23 min-FG), Pinki Ekka (41 min-PC, 51 min-FG), Simta Mins (48 min-PS), Sushma Kumari (50 min-FG, 64 min-FG), Reema Baxle (65 min-PC) vs Bengal Hockey Association 0

Pool B Sports Authority of India 4 Anu (7min- FG), Kavita (22min- FG), Rajni (32min- FG), Sunita (57min- FG) vs Uttar Pradesh Hockey 3 Sonal Tiwari (20min- FG, 60min-FG), Hema Navait (40min- FG)

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Indian women hockey team announced for upcoming FIH Hockey World League semifinal

New Delhi, May 25, 2015: Hockey India today announced the Indian Women Hockey Squad for the upcoming FIH Hockey World League Semi-Final to be played in Antwerp, Belgium from June 20 to July 4, 2015. India is placed in Pool B along with the FIH Ranked #2 Australia, FIH Ranked #4 New Zealand, Poland and hosts Belgium. In Pool A, FIH Ranked #1 The Netherlands, FIH Ranked #9 Korea, FIH Ranked #10 Japan, Italy and Azerbaijan will contest against each–other.

Playing their first match on the opening day, 20 June 2015 against the host nation Belgium, the Indian Women Hockey Team will be aiming to open the tourney with a win. The team will yet again be led by Captain Ritu Rani who will be supported by Vice-Captain Deepika.

Training under the new Chief Coach Mathias Ahrens, the team is aiming to finish in the top four and qualify for the FIH Hockey World League Final Round and also secure a place in the 2016 Olympic Games.

Speaking on the team line-up, Captain, Ritu Rani said, “The team is in very good shape and the ongoing preparation camp is helping us to improve our game. With our recent performance in the FIH Hockey World League Round 2 in New Delhi and the Hawke’s Bay Cup 2015 in New Zealand, we have seen improvement in our game and we have successfully rectifying the mistakes we committed in our previous tournaments. New Chief Coach is working well with us and we are learning new strategies under his coaching. The atmosphere is very positive and we are confident to take on our opponents in the FIH HWL Semi-Final.”

Speaking on the team, Chief Coach Mathias Ahrens stated, “The team is doing very well and improving perfectively. We have pointed out mistakes and loopholes in the previous matches and we are positively working on those issues. The players are keen learners and work really hard, which is a very good thing for the team. We know the fact that we will face top-ranked team in the tournament but we are not in pressure. We will just focus on our strategies and play our best game. I am sure that we will see a good competition in FIH Hockey World League Semi-Final.”

The FIH Hockey World League Semi-Final will be played from 20 June to 04 July 2015 and ten teams will be seen fighting it out for the title. India will play their first match against Belgium at 07.30 PM IST on 20 June 2015.

List of 18 Women Players -

1.         Savita
2.         Rajini Etimarpu


3.         Deep Grace Ekka
4.         Deepika
5.         Sunita Lakra
6.         Namita Toppo
7.         Sushila Chanu


8.         Ritu Rani
9.         Lilima Minz
10.       Lily Chanu
11.       Navjot Kaur
12.       Monika
13.       Renuka Yadav


14.       Rani
15.       Poonam Rani
16.       Vandana Kataria
17.       Anuradha Devi

18.       Soundarya Yendala

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Haryana face Odisha in 5th Sub-Junior National Hockey final

New Delhi, May 23, 2015: The semi-finals clash during the 5th Hockey India Sub Junior National Hockey Championship 2015 (Men) ‘A’ Division today at New Delhi saw four teams embroiled in a tough battle as each aimed to win and book a place in tomorrow’s Final. In the first semi-final clash between Hockey Haryana and Hockey Gangpur - Odisha saw the former stamping their victory over the opponents to march into the Final. The second semi-final clash proved to be a one sided affair as Hockey Odisha beat Hockey Karnataka 3-0.

The first semi-final match between Hockey Haryana and Hockey Gangpur - Odisha was an exciting clash as a score of 4-3 allowed Hockey Haryana to enter the Final. Post an initial round of attack and putting pressure on each other, Hockey Gangpur - Odisha broke the deadlock in the 14th minute when Mandip Kerketta slammed the ball into the nets through a penalty corner opportunity which gave his team a lead in the game. As no further goals was scored in the rest of the session the first half ended in favour of Hockey Gangpur - Odisha at 1-0.

 The second half saw intense action as both teams looked at scoring and registering the game in their name. It was in the 50th minute when Hockey Haryana finally managed to score the equaliser goal when Vishal Antil ensured that the penalty corner opportunity did not go a waste. Taking a cue from there Hockey Haryana increased their tempo of attack and 56th minute saw them double their score as Abhishek’s field effort bore results. Not wasting much time Hockey Haryana added another goal to their tally in the 63rd minute as Vishal Antil yet again slammed the ball into the nets. With tables turned in their favour and scores at 3-1, Hockey Haryana looked completely in control of the match but the very next minute Hockey Gangpur - Odisha scored their second goal. It was Albert Tete who scored a brilliant field goal to take the scorecard to 3-2, in favour of Hockey Haryana. Not wanting to lose their hold on the match, Hockey Haryana struck again in the 67th minute as Abhishek again was seen in action in the D and a beautiful deflection from him took the scores to 4-2. In a final desperate attempt in the 69th minute Hockey Gangour - Odisha added another goal but it was too late for them as Hockey Haryana went on to win 4-3.

The second semi-final clash proved to be a easy win for Hockey Odisha as they went on to win the game 3-0 allowing Hockey Karnataka no opportunity to capitalise in the entire game. Hockey Odisha started the game with complete dominance as they were seen in action in the opponents D, looking for chances to score, it was in the 15th minute when Suman Beck pounced on eth penalty corner and gave his team a 1-0 lead. Right before the break, Hockey Odisha doubled their lead when in the 30th minute Ashwin Kujur scored through a field goal. Wit 2-0 lead, the second half saw a similar story as Hockey Odisha dominated and held their defence high which gave Hockey Karnatak no chance to break the shackles. Hockey Odisha scored their third goal in the 39th minute which was because of the brilliant effort by Pradeep Lakra in the D which left the opponents goalie stunned. This proved to be the winning goal and Hockey Odisha with their brilliant performance advance to the Finals tomorrow.

1st Semi-Final : Hockey Haryana 4 Vishal Antil (50min- PC, 63 min-PC), Abhishek (56min- FG, 67min-FG), Parmeet (69min- PC) vs Hockey Gangpur - Odisha 3 Mandip Kerketta(14min- PC), Albert Tete (64min- FG), Amandeep Lakra (69 min-PC)
2nd Semi-Final : Hockey Odisha 3 Suman Beck (15min-PC), Ashwin Kujur (30min-FG), Pradeep Lakra (39min-FG) vs Hockey Karnataka 0

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